John Sandford — Extreme Prey

This novel is the latest in the “Prey” series with Lucas Davenport as protagonist. It takes place in Iowa during a presidential campaign. Lucas is investigating a threat to one of the candidates (Bowden) for the Minnesota governor (Henderson) who is also a candidate, but not the one being threatened. Bowden is not concerned, thinking the governor may be using the threat to get her to leave the campaign trail in Iowa.

The book is listed as a mystery and thriller. Thriller fits, but there isn’t a lot of mystery. We know the bad guys—political extremists—from the beginning and that they are planning to eliminate Bowden, whom they believe is bad for the country. It feels more like police procedural than mystery to me, even though Davenport is no longer a cop and is working as a consultant. But there are plenty of twists and turns as Lucas and Iowa law enforcement try to figure out what we already know and as other connected characters move in and out of the story.

My other complaint (sort of) is that Lucas Davenport’s personality seems a bit flat. Maybe the author has worked with Lucas too long and expects the reader to know all about him.

All of that said, I did enjoy the book.