Robert Crais — The Promise

Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are PI partners in LA that Robert Crais has been writing about through a long series of novels. Cole is a somewhat flaky, flippant character with a hard core and a good heart. Pike is a tough, silent ex-marine. In this story Jon Stone, a black-ops contractor and friend of Pike’s, joins them. The three of them are out to save a woman from herself who is seeking revenge for the death of her son.

Hard-bitten characters fill the novel. Most are not what or whom they appear to be when we meet them. But my favorite characters in this story are LAPD K-9 cop, Scott James, and his German Shepard partner, Maggie. Crais writes in multiple points of view, including the bad guys. He even gives us Maggie’s POV and does it very well. He doesn’t try to make her human. I’m planning to read The Suspect, which is Crais’ previous book about Scott and Maggie.

Crais wrote for television before he began to publish crime novels and has won many awards for his writing. He’s one of my favorite authors.