Hurricane Irma II

Tuesday AM, September 12, 2017
Another day without power or communications. I drive outside the neighborhood to see what is happening. Two Publix Supermarkets are open, a group of offices (doctors, etc.) are open. Not much else. Even the gas station by the Publix is closed. I thought they were supposed to have generators in order to stay open after disasters. But I’ve heard on my battery-powered radio, that even those with power may not have gas.

Trees are torn apart and uprooted everywhere, but I only spot a couple of damaged houses. Amazing!

I fill gallon jugs for me and my neighbors at the water machine outside Publix and return home.

PM: Is that a generator I hear? And a power saw? Yes!

A neighbor’s brother has arrived from northern Florida. Three men join together, whipping through downed trees and branches, even an aluminum porch that blew away from one house. Francisco, Terry, and his brother Jack—what a team. They work together as an assembly line; cutting, hauling, loading, clearing my backyard along with their own. Good neighbors are a treasure.